Tetra miniMAX LED Modules

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Minimum Purchase:
20 units
  • Tetra miniMAX LED Modules - White
  • Tetra miniMAX LED Modules - Colors
$6.11 - $7.84

This product is sold by the foot with a 20 foot minumum purchase required.


Tetra miniMAX LED Modules

These 24VDC modules are a solution where saturation with water or other liquids is likely. They carry all of the same performance features of the standard miniMAX modules, but are IP66 and UL wet rated.

The white modules have 4 LEDs per module while the colors have 2. There are 2 modules per foot. *Sold and priced by the foot with a 20 foot minimum purchase*

Product NamePart#Secondary Part#WavelengthTypical Brightness/moduleTypical Brightness/ft.Energy ConsumptionPower Supply Loading
per 100W supply
Viewing Angle
Tetra miniMAX White7100K GEMM71-W1 GEMM2471-W1 7100K 36 90 .32W 110ft. 150°
Tetra miniMAX White 5000K GEMM50-W1 GEMM2450-W1 5000K 36 90 .32W 110ft. 150°
Tetra miniMAX Warm White 4100K GEMM41-W1 GEMM2441-W1 4100K 34 85 .32W 110ft. 150°
Tetra miniMAX Warm White 3200K GEMM32-W1 GEMM2432-W1 3200K 30 75 .32W 110ft. 150°
Tetra miniMAX Red GEMMRD-W1 GEMM24RD-W1 625nm 11 27 .34W 120ft. 150°
Tetra miniMAX Blue GEMMBL-W1 GEMM24BL-W1 467nm 8 19 .53W 77.5ft. 150°
Tetra miniMAX Green GEMMGL-W1 GEMM24GL-W1 530nm 24 60 .58W 71ft. 150°
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