Tetra MAX LED Modules

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  • Tetra MAX LED Modules - White
  • Tetra MAX LED Modules - Colors
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This product is sold by the foot with a minumum of 20 feet required


Tetra MAX LED Modules

These 24VDC modules are designed for medium & large channel letters as shallow as 4 inches in depth. Now boasting IP66 and UL Wet rating, these are a reliable solution even under wet weather.

The white modules have 4 LEDs per module while the colors have 2. There are 2 modules per foot. *Sold and priced by the foot with a 20 foot minimum purchase required*

Product NamePart# WavelengthTypical Brightness/moduleTypical Brightness/ft.Energy ConsumptionPower Supply Loading
per 100W supply
Viewing Angle
Tetra MAX White 7100K GEMX2471-W1 7100K 100 150 .62W 87ft. 170°
Tetra MAX Warm White 5000K GEMX2450-W1 5000K 100 150 .62W 87ft. 170°
Tetra MAX Warm White 4100K GEMX2441-W1 4100K 100 150 .62W 87ft. 170°
Tetra MAX Warm White 3200K GEMX2432-W1 3200K 90 135 .62W 87ft. 170°
Tetra MAX Red GEMX24RD-W1 625nm 20 30 .46W 120ft. 170°
Tetra MAX Blue GEMX24BL-W1 470nm 15 23 .70W 79ft. 170°
Tetra MAX Green GEMX24GL-W1 530nm 44 66 .77W 71ft. 170°
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