Principal Sloan Power Supply Transition Guide

As you may have heard, Principal LED has purchased SloanLED and will be transitioning products to their new part numbers. Please use the chart below to find the suggested replacement.

12V Power Supplies

DescriptionDiscontinuedSuggested Replacement
20 W Plastic P-LEDP-OH020-12-PLP-OH020-12-EC
60 W Plastic HE P-LEDP-OH060-12-PL-P-HEP-OH060-12-EC-P
60 W Threaded P-LEDP-OH060-12-PL-TP-OH060-12-EC-T
60 W Universal P-LEDP-OH060-12-PLP-OH060-12-EC
60 W Threaded (60W3)701507-60W3P-OH060-12-EC-T
60 W HE P-LEDP-OH060-12-HEP-OH060-12-EC
60 W Threaded (60W4)701507-60W4P-OH060-12-EC-T
60 W Plastic P-LEDP-OH060-12-PL-PP-OH060-12-EC-P
60 W (60C3) Non-Dimming701507-60C3P-OH060-12-EC
120 Universal P-LEDP-OH120-12-PLP-OH120-12-HE
60 W (60L1)701507-60L1P-OH060-12-EC
60 W (60C1)701507-60C1P-OH060-12-EC
120 W (120D1)701507-120D1P-OH120-12-HE
60 W (60C2)701507-60C2P-OH060-12-EC
60 W (60C3) Dimming701507-60C3DP-OH060-12-EC

24V Power Supplies

DescriptionDiscontinuedSuggested Replacement
60 W (60S1) Non-dimming701895-60S1P-OH060-24-EC
100 W (24S2) Dimming701895-24S2DP-OH096-24-HE
100 W Threaded701895-24CP-OH100-24-EC-T
100 W (100L1) Dimming701895-100L1DP-OH096-24-HE
100 W Threaded701895-24C1P-OH100-24-EC-T
100 W (100L1)701895-100L1P-OH096-24-HE
100 W (24S1)701895-24S1P-OH096-24-HE