ZLight Traditional LED Flood Lights

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  • 100W yoke mount
  • 135W yoke mount
  • 135W slip fit mount
  • 200W yoke mount
  • 200W slip fit mount
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ZLight Traditional LED Flood Light


Part NumberSystem PowerWattage EquivalentLumensInput VoltagePower FactorDimmable
ZL-FD100W27V50K-YM100W300W HID13,300lm120-277VAC0.9Yes
ZL-FD135W27V50K-SF135W320W HID18,000lm
ZL-FD135W27V50K-YM135W320W HID18,000lm
ZL-FD200W27V50K-SF200W400W HID26,500lm
ZL-FD200W27V50K-YM200W400W HID26,500lm
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