ZLight LED Corn Lights

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  • ZL-CL-50K-20W
  • ZL-CL-50K-30W
  • ZL-CL-50K-40W
  • ZL-CL-50K-60W
  • ZL-CL-40K-9WG24
  • ZL-CL-50K-240W
  • ZL-CL-50K-200W
  • ZL-CL-50K-120W
  • ZL-CL-50K-300W
  • ZL-CL-50K-7W
  • ZL-CL-50K-150W
  • ZL-CL-50K-80W
  • ZL-CL-50K-12W
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ZLight LED Corn Lights

ZLight Technologies half and full corn lights are perfect in new or retrofit installations. All of these have an input voltage of 120-277VAC and are NOT compatible with existing ballasts. If there is an existing ballast, it must be bypassed and the fixture wired directly.


HID=HID, INC=Incandescent
WattsWatt EquivalentLumensWeight (lbs.)Base Type
ZL-CL-50K-7W720W HID770 lm1E26 medium
ZL-CL-40K-9WG24980W INC900 lm1G24
ZL-CL-50K-12W12100W INC1320 lm1E26 medium
ZL-CL-50K-20W20200W HID2300 lm1E26 medium
ZL-CL-50K-30W30100W HID4800 lm1.4E26 medium
ZL-CL-50K-40W40175W HID5000 lm2E26 medium
ZL-CL-50K-60W60175W HID7500 lm2E26 medium
ZL-CL-50K-80W80250W HID10,000 lm2E39
ZL-CL-50K-120W120400W HID15,000 lm3E39
ZL-CL-50K-150W150450W HID19,000 lm3E39
ZL-CL-50K-200W200600W HID22,000 lm3E39
ZL-CL-50K-240W240750W HID28,800 lm3E39
ZL-CL-50K-300W3001000W HID36,000 lm4E39
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