ZLight LED Linear Bar - 24VDC Ultra 3

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  • Ultra3-DLN with vertical bracket
  • Ultra3 linear bar bracket
  • Ultra3-SLN with horizontal bracket
  • Ultra3 linear bar lens cover
  • Ultra3 Dimensions
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ZLight LED Linear Bar

For single and double face illuminated light boxes, indoor and outdoor decorations, and architectural lighting.

The single side linear bars come with horizontal mounting brackets for mounting while the double sided bars come with the vertical mounting bracket. See below for existing socket mounting options.

  • Super Bright SMD LEDs
  • L70 Rating 50,000 hours
  • Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • Environmental Rating: IP66
  • Single Sided Specifications

    Part NumberReplacementNominal LengthMin LengthMax LengthWattsLumensQty. 100WQty. HLG-240Qty. HLG-320
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN18-65KF18T12HO, Single Sided1815.91”21”4680256080
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN24-65KF24T12HO, Single Sided2421.91"27”5850204864
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN30-65KF30T12HO, Single Sided3027.91"33”7.21190143445
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN36-65KF36T12HO, Single Sided3633.91"39”81360123040
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN42-65KF42T12HO, Single Sided4239.91"45”9.21530112635
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN48-65KF48T12HO, Single Sided4845.91"51”101700102432
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN60-65KF60T12HO, Single Sided6057.91"63”12204082026
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN64-65KF64T12HO, Single Sided6463.91”69”13221071824
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN72-65KF72T12HO, Single Sided7269.91"75”15255061621
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN84-65KF84T12HO, Single Sided8481.91"87”17289051418
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN96-65KF96T12HO, Single Sided9693.91"99”20340051216
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN108-65KF108T12HO, Single Sided108105.91"111”22374041014
    Z-ULTRA3-SLN120-65KF120T12HO, Single Sided120117.91"123”24408041013

    Double Sided Specifications

    Part NumberReplacementNominal LengthMin LengthMax LengthWattsLumensQty. 100WQty. HLG-240Qty. HLG-320
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN18-65KF18T12HO, Double Sided1815.91”21”81360123040
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN24-65KF24T12HO, Double Sided2421.91"27”101700102432
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN30-65KF30T12HO, Double Sided3027.91"33”14238071722
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN36-65KF36T12HO, Double Sided3633.91"39”16272061520
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN42-65KF42T12HO, Double Sided4239.91"45”18306051317
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN48-65KF48T12HO, Double Sided4845.91"51”20340051216
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN60-65KF60T12HO, Double Sided6057.91"63”24408041013
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN64-65KF64T12HO, Double Sided6463.91”69”2644203912
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN72-65KF72T12HO, Double Sided7269.91"75”3051003810
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN84-65KF84T12HO, Double Sided8481.91"87”345780279
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN96-65KF96T12HO, Double Sided9693.91"99”406800268
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN108-65KF108T12HO, Double Sided108105.91"111”447480257
    Z-ULTRA3-DLN120-65KF120T12HO, Double Sided120117.91"123”488160256
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Also available are socket adapters that can be used to install the bars into the existing fluorescent sockets.  They do not use power from the socket.  It is only for mounting.  They are sold in bags of 10 pieces (5 pair)