Ventex VT5520-120 Neon Transformer Power Supply 100v-5500v 20mA

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Discontinued. See description for replacement options.


Part # VT5520-120 SELF ADJUSTING Neon Transformer with Plug and on/off Switch, 120v input, 5500V output drives up to 13 feet of 12mm tube. Deduct 1 foot for each pair of electrodes.


  Input Voltage: 120VAC (?10%) 50/60Hz
  Input Current: 0.35A (max)
  Power Factor: Normal
  Output Frequency: Variable
  Output Voltage: 100V - 5500v
  Output Current: 20mA
  Operating Temperature: 32? to 104?F (0? to 40?C)
  Driving Distance: Based on Standard 12mm tube. Deduct one foot from driving footages for each additional pair of electrodes
  Neon 1-13ft. (.3-3.9m)
  Mercury 1-16ft. (.3-4.9m)


  Length (A) 4.9 in
  Width (B) 1.5 in
  Height (C) 0.90 in
  Mounting (D) 4.50 in
  Mounting (E) 0.75 in
  Primary Leads 10 ft.
  GTO Leads 18 in

VT12030-120 Dimensions


**This product is discontinued.  Use the Ventex VT5520A-120F as the replacement.

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