SloanLED SignBOX

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  • SignBOX II flat
  • SignBOX II bending
  • SignBOX 3 straight
  • SignBOX 3 slanted
  • SignBOX 3 module side
  • SignBOX 3 module front
$382.38 - $2,199.07


SloanLED SignBOX II and SignBOX 3

SloanLED SignBOX cabinet lighting provides bright, even illumination for standard to deep profile sign cabinets. The modules are mounted on flexible straps making it easy for single person installation.

SignBOX II Specifications

Dimensions LxWxH: 8.5in x 1.0in x 0.3in
LEDs per module: Single-Sided - 3, Double-Sided - 6
Modules per foot: 3
Watts per module: Single-Sided: 0.90W, Double-Sided: 1.80W
Coverage per row: 12 in.
Protection Rating: IP66
Fastening: Clamps with mechanical fasteners

SignBOX II Power Supply Capacity

12VDC Power SupplySignBOX II
Modules per foot33
20W Power Supply6.6ft / 20 mods3.3ft / 10 mods
60W Power Supply20ft / 60 mods10ft / 30 mods
120W Power Supply40ft / 60 mods x 220ft / 30 mods x 2

SignBOX 3 Specifications

Dimensions LxWxH: Strapped Single and Double Sided: 5.4in x 1.9in x 0.3in, Module, no strap: 4.1in x 1.4in x .4in
LEDs per side: 8
Modules per foot: 1
Watts per module: Strapped Single-Sided/Module, no strap: 1.92W, Strapped Double-Sided: 3.84W
Coverage per row: 12 in.
Protection Rating: IP66
Fastening: Strapped sing and double face: Clamps with mechanical fasteners, Module, no strap: Peel-n-stick

SignBOX 3 Power Supply Capacity

24VDC Power SupplySignBOX 3
SignBOX 3
100W Power Supply4824
Power used per foot1.92W3.84W
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