Department of Energy Restriction on Magnetic Ballasts

If you browse our selection of magnetic ballasts, you will surely notice there is an ever increasing number of products that are being listed as Discontinued. This is not a problem with our ability to keep our shelves stocked with the products you need, but rather a mandated Department of Energy restriction on the manufacture of electromagnetic ballasts. As of November 14, 2014 manufacturers were required to stop the production of certain products that don't meet a minimum ballast luminous efficiency level as set forth by the DOE regulation.

The regulation affects all manufacturers and therefore many different T12 and T8 fluorescent ballasts that are designed to operate 4 ft. and 8 ft. rapid start lamps, instant start lamps, and high output lamps. Also affected are the magnetic sign ballasts found on our site that operate 8 ft. high output lamps. While the manufacturing cutoff has come and gone, the regulation allowed for the manufacturers to sell their existing product until their stock is depleted.

We will continue to list magnetic ballasts as long as we think there is stock available. At times we may tag some products with a note to call us for availability or a note stating there is very low stock available. When the product is finally listed as discontinued, we have searched all avenues to find the product and have found that the manufacturers stock is totally depleted.

If you find yourself in need of a magnetic ballast that has been discontinued, your only option is to switch to an electronic ballast. Unfortunately, it is not likely these new ballasts will match the wiring method used with the old ballast. The change to an electronic ballast may require you to incur any material and labor costs involved with rewiring for the new ballast. We are currently working on a cross reference chart to match up your old ballast with a new electronic ballast that will operate your existing number of lamps and power your total bulb length.

If you need more information email us at or give us a call at 888-474-6136.